Exploring mind-wandering with smartphones

by Vincent Adam, Gislain Delaire, Haakon Engen, Sébastien Lerique, Florence Ruby, Jonathan Smallwood, and Tal Yarkoni

An app

for mind-wandering

With €300.000

It looks like

Daydreaming Welcome screen Daydreaming Dashboard

Example questions

Daydreaming Activity question Daydreaming On/off-task question

Results look like...


Smartphones are sophisticated sensors

Which we all carry around

Which we use to inform large corporations about our whereabouts

Why isn't science into this yet?

Let's make it into a great telescope


€3.000 ?

€30.000 ?

€300.000 !

1/3 M€.


What would you like to look at with such a telescope?

What community do you envision?